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Data speaks for the present as well as future. Harvest the power of Data mining and Big Data to build the edifice of Analytics for reliable and accurate business insights. Its worth is truly unfolded in multidimensional angle when subjected to analysis.


Embolden with power of data, the analysis proceeds with understanding its statistical significance in the light of decision making process even when more than one single data variable involved. Data validity is tested, patterns standardized and outliers are removed to make data speak.


Human skills are put to test, technologies are explored, best practices are followed, models are built, and analytical tools are engaged in investigating historical data, past performances to gain insights to conclude an optimal business decisions making.

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End-2-End Analytics

Delivering End-2-End Analytics

altraSys offers entire spectrum of Analytics services to help business to expand market share and improve profit curve. Operational data from variety of sources converge...


Data Service
for Analytics

Data Service for Analytics

Essence of Analytics models is complete, noise free and consistent data. Our secret recipe for an effective analytics project starts with filtering out the dirt, noise, invalid...


Big Data

Big Data Analytics

It is difficult to think of data driven organization without Big Data.  Many organization flounder to rip the benefit from avalanche of data accumulated day-in...


Analytics on Cloud

Enabling Analytics on Cloud

In no uncertain term, Cloud computing (otherwise known as Internet computing) has redefined and realigned the IT services. Per Gartner definition any one of six...


Troubled Projects
- Rescue or Abandon

Troubled Projects- Rescue or Abandon

Troubled project is a situation in reality when the difference between the Budget cost at completion and Estimate cost at Completion has visibly exceeded the...



Ancillary Services

altraSys maintain a band of experience technical hands to undertake custom software development contract to deliver high quality software solutions using...

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Graphic representation of Data that answers the What, Why and How?

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Progressive status of beneficiary enrollment application processing

Medicaid Coverage Dashboard – Beneficiary Application Processing Status.

Important statistics on Browser captured

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Example of stack chart

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Network Performance status check

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Accessing operationalized power of Analytics to drive Business value

Analytics for Decision Making

Traditionally some organizations feel content to take decision only when they face difficult situations or opportunities regardless how it affects in future.

Advanced Analytics

So many reports to run through and scrutinize just to get an idea about the operational status of the business enterprise, What has happened?

Risk Analytics

Today the leadership is challenged to translate ever-increasing magnitude of data into actionable Business Intelligence to minimize risk and maximize profit

Data Visualization & Dashboard

It is often said, data discoveries for actionable insight lose its benefit if they aren’t presented in the right way to the right people. Data visualization

Social Media Analytics

Understanding customer sentiments is crucial to understand customer preferences, wants, needs, and sentiments and desires for goods and services.

Fraud Analytics

Trust is the glue that holds all relationships together–including the relationship between members of our society, our family, business organizations and

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We are engaged in Unleashing the Value of Analytics in...



Healthcare professional are constantly engaged in a never ending effort to improve the quality of healthcare services to its members and patients at less cost.

pharmaceutical and life science

Pharmaceutical & Life Science

Pharmaceutical Industry operates under watchful eyes of different Regulations and statutory mandate. The Physician Payments Sunshine Act is designed with the objective



Analytical reporting solutions are traditionally being extensively used in Insurance domain. In Insurance organizations historical data relating to policies, claims, customers

banking and finance services

Banking & Finance Services

Banking and Finance Services industry is the biggest influencer in shaping individual, corporate, as well as Nation’s economy. Harnessing the power of data with

retail trade

Retail Trade

Retail industry makes up sizeable part of global economy. The change in consumers market preference, behavioral pattern, and expectations are causing huge

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