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Delivering End-2-End Analytics

service-end-2-endaltraSys offers entire spectrum of Analytics services to help business to expand market share and improve profit curve. Operational data from variety of sources converge on daily basis from business & services, social media interactions, unstructured texts and sensor are important business asset. We engage with customers to explore this data to find hidden values harnessing the power of analytics to drive business insights. We perform different forms of statistical and quantitative analysis, develop forecasting models using filtered metrics to deliver outcomes and future events in KPI Dashboard, Reports, and visual effects. Our innovative analytical solutions based on strong algorithms are driven solely by customer strategies to outperform the competition in Healthcare, Insurance, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences, Banking & Financial, and Retail industries.

Data Service for Analytics

Essence of Analytics models is complete, noise free and consistent data. Our secret recipe for an effective analytics project starts with filtering out the dirt, noise, invalid and misleading data and removing outlier so as to deliver reliable business solutions. Today, data generation is happening at an incredible speed and volume than the ability to analyze it. altraSys approach to data preparation traditional and advanced analytics is rooted in the explosion of data types and sources. We follow pre-defined steps to make sense out your data.  An intuitive workflow design process is brought in place to discover first insights into data and possible data quality issues extended to unify multiple versions into single source of truth, uncover hidden patterns, and find unknown correlation to process further for analytics.

Big Data Analytics

It is difficult to think of data driven organization without Big Data.  Many organization flounder to rip the benefit from avalanche of data accumulated day-in day-out, not because they are not smart enough to know the data science or science of data analytics but because they lack clear vision of their objectives and goals. altraSys analysts help you to leverage the power of information buried in Big Data and correlate the critical role analytics play in formulating ways to improve business strategies, operations and make smart business decisions to take the business to another level of competitive advantage. Data Analytics is in existence from long time past with many industry standard software tools used as part of advanced analytics disciplines, but for the size, variety, and volume that characterizes big data sources the associated technologies have taken to form the core of an open source software framework that supports even unstructured data sources. Dearth of internal analytics skill and high cost of hiring experienced professional are potential mousetrap that organization face take on to challenges of integrating of Hadoop ecosystem with existing warehouses and processing large data set sets across clustered system. When it comes to addressing these challenges, altraSys analysts brings into place strategy driven big data analytics practice. 

Enabling Analytics on Cloud

In no uncertain term, Cloud computing (otherwise known as Internet computing) has redefined and realigned the IT services. Per Gartner definition any one of six analytics initiatives- sourcing data, building data models, processing applications, engaging computing power, developing analytic models, and sharing and storing of results when hosted and implemented in cloud environment owing to reasons of cost minimizations, time-to-deliver are accepted as operational strategy the cloud analytics is in place. We in altraSys work closely with you on this business motivation for choosing cloud options so that the time value for analytical initiatives and improved agility stand out as the important drivers of organization’s operational strategy. Solutions are designed, developed and deployed in cloud environment eliminating the need for large scale investments on infrastructure cost, reduced implementation cost, and reduced administrative cost. altraSys hosted cloud platform is modularized and can be licensed for multiple IT solutions for your requirement.

Troubled Projects – Rescue or Abandon

Troubled project is a situation in reality when the difference between the Budget cost at completion and Estimate cost at Completion has visibly exceeded the acceptable tolerance limits. Recent study has shown wide range- 40% to 49% of projects failed to realize the target benefits and were abandoned due to bad people, inaccurate planning, lack of Control factors. For altraSys even the best of projects can be “troubled”. We approach the issue with basic premise that all trouble projects are not failed project it is never too late to rescue sinking boat. Performance measurement analysis on cost & schedule variance and cost & performance index is taken as a decisively indicative test to answer- Is the Project Really in Trouble?

altraSys analysts dig deeper to diagnose what exactly went wrong? And what are the avenues open to turn around the project to the path of green or is it appropriate to advise for early termination to save resources from becoming wasteful expenditure for profitable utilization elsewhere in other rewarding ventures.

Ancillary Services

Custom Software Development

altraSys maintain a band of experience technical hands to undertake custom software development contract to deliver high quality software solutions using industry standard on demand programming tools,  including that of related to Web technologies. We maintain and follow flexible contractual relations with all our clients who have software outsourcing requirements to compete yet a bigger project obligation. We invite client / entrepreneur to come with specific requirements and ideas, and we convert that into portable and workable product. We believe technology has no limit, but it is always our endeavor to reach that limit.



Technology advancement, Internet, and High speed communication bandwidth has virtually reduced the world to everybody’s reach, if not in terms of geographical distance. We in altraSys offer this services to anyone in the IT domain. We are always at your calling distance to represent your business interest in India thereby bridging the distance between you and your client. We take care of all your IT related pre and post-sale activities till the initiative ends with success. It would definitely be a cost saving, risk-free, and hassle-free decision of yours. We are open for trial.

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