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Analytics on Cloud

Cloud analytics or analytics on Cloud is a service delivery model that allows any or all business analytics procedures performed and delivered through a public, private or Hybrid cloud. This reminds Gartner definition, there are six elements Business Analytics – data sources, data model, processing applications, computing power, analytic model, and sharing or storing of results in enterprise storage system. In an analytics initiative “in which one or more of these elements if implemented in the cloud” that qualifies as cloud analytics. This on-demand cloud BI analytics is internet based technology on a subscription or pay-as-you-use basis as opposed to traditional software licensing model with annual maintenance fees. Application resource is accessed by the business users with a secure Internet connection.

move-biz-2cloudTransforming, integrating, abstracting, and aggregating structured and unstructured data from internal and external sources to produce true metrics-driven executive dashboards that provide the depth and dimension required to measure business performance. Our dedicated associates use Tableau, an advanced visualization tool to build and deploy dashboards and graphical reports on cloud that enable key business leaders get a comprehensive performance view of the business.

Fundamental premise of delivery model includes hosted central data repository that is made available to users from a remote location operated by the service provider and SaaS BI solutions powered by cloud. Cloud analytical and business intelligence applications follow different data model implementation from traditional operational applications. Cloud analytics integrates some or all of the service models of cloud computing in delivering that solution.

If you are one of the organizations still attempting to understand how cloud-based solutions for analytics will impact your business operational model with established best practices implemented, we at altraSys will work with you very closely towards realization of the strengths of cloud-based analytics implementations strategies. Your organization will establish a mature approach to analytics projects and create a center of excellence for all projects suitable for cloud hosting leveraging following benefits.


When you find difficulty to accurately determine the size and scope of the infrastructure requirements in the given situation where requirements undergo constant change that is not always predictable. Cloud computing has lower start-up costs and computing resources are available ‘on-demand’, in effect is cost-effective because you pay for what you use.


Fear of losing business and dynamic nature of requirement changes makes any company to foresee and maintain technology readiness and expertise. Because these changes are not always foreseeable, they often require continual implementation, decommissioning, and re-deployment of IT infrastructure and systems.  Cloud Computing is flexible, will allow you to react to changing technology requirements in a way that allows efficient use of your IT budget and build technical expertise as & when require.


The need of your company’s core applications and services grow in terms of computing power with increase in the scope and volume. It is not always possible to service the need internally due to limitations in budget, facilities, and in-house expertise. Cloud Computing service will allow access to very high capacity computing infrastructure on demand on principle of pay as you use.

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