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Analytics in Banking & Finances Services

Banking and Finance Services industry is the biggest influencer in shaping individual, corporate, as well as Nation’s economy. Harnessing the power of data with analytics is not a new concept in the banking industry. In fact, the industry is widely considered to be a pioneer in the field of analytics. Today every single decision is driven by IT but powered by analytics.

Data and Analytics when embedded with greater intensity in banking business process has created huge opportunity in terms of cost-reduction and revenue-generation standpoint primarily by adopting advanced analytics across three broad functional areas such as Customer profiling, Risk evaluation & management and Market Operations.

Of course, along the way many banks have primarily developed deep, unconnected pockets of analytics expertise within their organizations. Today, the challenge is to develop analytic strengths that span the organization— not just pockets of expertise aligned behind single business lines.

altraSys analytics support is designed to provide Banking and Financial service industry an array of solutions mainly in Risk management, Fraud detection and Regulatory compliance requirements.

Risk Analytics:

We work with banking institution to manage and assess risk, fraud prediction & mitigation, rating credit Risk more efficiently by making risk-aware decisions, reducing fraud and credit losses.

Customer Analytics:

We provide valuable insight into customer by identifying “high-potential” prospects and customers. Enable ability to target products and services to prospects or customers. Mitigate fraud occurrence through transaction pattern analysis, and develop a risk-adjusted view of performance.

Sales & Marketing Analytics:

Helps improve campaign effectiveness and retail delivery by studying channel profitability, enhance specific elements of the offer—product & pricing, collections analytics, determine new pricing opportunities and devise effective promotions to improve marketing ROI.

Regulatory compliance:

We provide banks and financial institutions with ability to address and monitor regulatory compliance and also end-to- end support in accurate, timely regulatory compliance reporting.

Key benefits we deliver include:

a) Prevention and/or reduction of Bad debt accumulation

b) Significant increase in saving from losses through credit and loss forecasting

c) Fraud strategy and evaluation leading to significant annualized savings

We work with customer to make optimal use of data and analytics to drive growth in the business, to measure customers credit worthiness and manage fraud to reduce costs across the business.

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