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Big Data Analytics

Big Data is characterized by 3Vs – Volume, Velocity, and Variety. For all forward looking organizations Big Data means big opportunities that should be seized. Time progression of Information technology has ushered in new horizon where it’s no longer the case that all possible insights and intelligence about the customer, competitors, industries, and market come only from structured data warehouse architecture maintained inside four walls of the organization. There is new challenges of data inflow continually emerging from social media network, mobile devices, RFID, web logs, and other sources which are mostly unstructured has created on demand a new universe which coexists with traditional relational structured data. This new universe promises discovery of new business intelligence that no one in the organization perhaps knew before. This is absolutely a big gain brought-in by technology time leap – restricted architecture to open source technology. So why not reap the benefit? altraSys consultants will work with you to harvest the benefit.

The techniques of advanced analytics – a combination of data mining and statistical analysis are applied to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and other useful information hidden in these data heaps to answer and provide direction in the domain of complex business situation.

Big data analytics is a fast-growing and influential practice in recent days. Although advanced analytics is fairly common in practice today, big data analytics is gradually gaining ground, simply because earlier days the Analytics doesn’t really require big data. Its sphere of application was restricted to miniature sized data volume usually resident within the enterprise.

Big data analytics practice is a situation where advanced analytic techniques operate on huge volume, multiple variety and high velocity data. Big data analytics is a fast-growing and influential practice. But very few organizations have ventured to practice some form of advanced analytics on big data. Do you to count your organization within those few or outside? altraSys consultants are always at your service.

Benefits of Big Data Analytics

Benefits are enormous when adopted and practiced to its optimum potential.  Biggest bet is that Big data calls for data-driven decision-making skills to harvest benefits:

Accurate business insights
Customer segmentation
Define better sales and market strategy
Detection of fraud
Risk Quantification for mitigation planning
Better planning and forecasting
Understanding market sentiments

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