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Data Visualization & Dashboard

It is often said, data discoveries for actionable insight lose its benefit if they aren’t presented in the right way to the right people. Data visualization efforts are an essential part of analytics initiatives. Every transaction; be it business or market related results in massively built-in raw data for visualization in right visual frame to deliver fast answers to complex questions, regardless of its size in simplest form to target audience. altraSys consultants work on basic premises that not only they do need to understand your data including its cardinality and correlation in relation to your business goals and strategies before putting in visual frame.

People often use the words “Data Visualization” and “Dashboard” interchangeably to describe the same abstract, concept or visual entity. Is it correct? The answer is ‘Yes’ and also ‘No’. In reality the Dashboard is collection of more than one visual image created for a single unified visual display, yet they are not the same. For us the Dashboard is the extreme of the data visualization.

Human brain although is sharp enough to interpret and process information but not big enough to process the huge amounts of raw data generated within organization. Business leadership and managers take decisions without understanding all the facets of information hidden in the corporate data. They need to be delivered with visually exploring pictorial images constructed on standard set of KPI metrics that help them to:

Identify areas that need attention or improvement.
Clarify which factors influence customer behavior.
Gauge quickly the performance level and the direction of performance.
Help you understand which market to explore or products to push and where.
Predict sales outcome based on current trend.

altraSys consultants believe Information is power. And your organization is no longer just another player in the market place. Instead, your organization is strategically positioned that is irreplaceable because you have that power to know “What has happened? – leveraging techniques of Descriptive Analytics and at the same time Why it has happened? – leveraging techniques of Diagnostics Analytics”.

Our Consultants do not stop exhibiting how the business stands and trending as on date rather they focus on the root cause so as to answer why such business scenario has come to such reality – root cause of success or failure. While the analysis is performed to diagnose the cause of happenings the focus is not confined to positive attributes of performance alone but negative performance variations like increases in costs and reductions in profits are also brought to surface for corrections.

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