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How We Engage to Deliver

engagement-model-1altraSys engagement model is vertically segmented in two approaches – Consultancy only on desired solutions and Implementation of modeled solutions. In the first approach altraSys consultants conducts a close study of the problem in-hand and deliver model solutions. However, in the second approach an end to end view of the problem is taken followed by study, development and implementation of identified model. This provides you engagement flexibility to identify best-fit solution to your business challenges but also to engage altraSys expertise in implementation of solution as well. You are free to decide the scope of engagement out of the two approaches depending on in-house operational needs.

Here are some of sequences of steps we follow in our Consultancy approach:


At the initial stage we spend major part of our engagement time in listening and understanding the objectives that led the customer seeking our services. We spend times with multiple levels of executives and stakeholders listening and asking questions, clarifications and synthesizing the information captured. (If required we record the conversation for later replay).


We come back after a quick interval with understanding papers / documents and validate with the stakeholders.


Based on validated understanding, we build a prototype solution / model and tune the solution from customer’s input to best fit the solution / model.


In our following stage we work with customer to determine success criteria and formal and / or informal metrics. Evidently this is the critical part of our engagement with the customer.


At the culmination stage, we send a formal proposal giving options to choose from which best fits the customer’s need. After pre-signing discussion, the agreement is signed for the start of the work within reasonable time period.

Even though our primary commitment is always limited to offering consultancy services, we do shoulder the responsibilities in part or full per your strategic decision on client-vendor engagement policies.

When Consultancy extends to implementation mode All IPs (e.g. Design and code artifacts) are eventually owned by you as the customer. Choice of Vendor for maintenance and future enhancement of the solution will be at your sole discretion. No dependency on altraSys for platform enhancement / upgrade schedule. You have complete control on scalability and flexibility on the selected solution. You will incur one time cost (Capex model). In this model altraSys development team will deploy solutions in customers’ existing IT infrastructure.

Requirement gathering, design, build, and test phases are executed following two steps:

a) Build and develop using altraSys own development center and then perform test and deployment in customer’s infrastructure.


b) Entire software life cycle phases (Design, build, test and deploy) are performed and executed in customers’ in-premise infrastructure following collaborative approach in an iterative software development process. (something like Agile pattern)

In either engagement models altraSys will follow an iterative development process with close customer collaboration for implementing modelled solutions to ensure a high quality of delivery output per customers’ success criteria.

altraSys however encourages Cloud implementation model where-in investment on software and hardware acquisition and maintenance is minimal or no cost. This is model is offered in subscription based cost with a contract term. The customer is not exposed to market and technology change risks.

Modular solution which allows add and remove components based on business needs. This ensures an low risk investment prospect for you. This accelerate ‘speed to market’ model which helps you derive business goals faster. Cloud implementation is the low cost solution model that carries value proposition to your advantages.

altraSys recommends On-cloud implementation model for all its small and mid-size customers.

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