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Social Media Analytics

Understanding customer sentiments is crucial to understand customer preferences, wants, needs, and sentiments and desires for goods and services. altraSys consultants understand, gather, aggregate, and analyze mostly unstructured data from social media forums based on identified business goals or social objectives, key performance indicators (KPIs) are objectively evaluated to assess the customer market moods. Twitter posts and Facebook posts are valuable of data used in predictive analytics models as predictor of wide range of issues relating to business goals like increasing revenue, reducing customer service costs, product feedback and services of a particular product or business initiative and about occurrence of serious events of national interest  affecting public, private, politics at large. Step-wise special types of analytical approach is put to analyze these grossly unstructured data to measure customer engagement by count of numbers followers for posts.

Derive the business value when powered by Social media Analytics

You have a definite edge over your competitors with much better understanding of the brands, market share of particular product and service and the reasons and most importantly the issues are faced by the consumers.

No less important is the customers posting of suggestion come on forums on an issue which your organization incidentally may be facing at that moment. It is lesson learned session from social media later leveraged by the analytics.

Consumers sentiments are continuously analyzed, evaluated and findings are used in effecting improvement in products and services you offer in the marketplace.

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