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Aretaeus is a healthcare solution within ease reach of every individual using Smartphone Apps to manage, detect, and prevent independently from the nemesis of Diabetes mellitus more commonly known as “Diabetes” to eventually lead a healthy life. The product does not claim to be a substitute of medical science professionals’ knowledge and judgement but seeks to create awareness and sense of confidence in the user community to prevent proactively before this dangerous disease catches a healthy human being or stop its progress doing more harm in all those already diagnosed.

An individual who is not insulin resistant today meaning healthy with no sign of diabetes, may gradually become insulin resistant unless timely wake calls are given and guided to bring lifestyle changes.  Aretaeus is trained to do exactly that type of task. Aretaeus treats with more seriousness the individual who are in prediabetes and/or already diagnosed with diabetes resulting in loss of the ability to produce or respond to the hormone insulin leading to abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates and elevated levels of glucose in the blood. The level of morbidity and mortality due to diabetes and its potential complications are enormous, and posing significant healthcare burdens. Aretaeus, cloud enabled software solution is trained to perform as a healthcare watch dog and a great healer in bewildering versatility to keep the menace of diabetes at bay and within control through it predictive power.

Aretaeus is poised for 3 (three) releases over a period of 24 month with each release featuring with new benefits to accrue that would bring value proposition for increase use of Aretaeus App in Android and iOS phones.

Release What it does
Release – 1 Takes demography and pathology test results and computes risk factor that the subject is currently positioned. It classified the subject in one of four stage – ‘No diabetic- healthy’, ; ‘Pre-diabetic’; ‘Diabetic’; and ‘Diabetic with comorbidity”. Once risk score is determined it suggests wellness measure based on risk element. It mainly targets Healthy subjects. Other features – ‘Medication reminder’ and ‘Find a Doctor’ and ‘HbA1c’ projections.
Release – 2 Introduction of the field work for sample collections selected users. And added features beneficial to users
Release – 3 Field work expansion and complete automations and monitoring

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