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The product is intended to be in the hands of the Oncologists and clinicians who may want to validate the optimal plan from many alternative treatment plans to take cancer patient survival probability beyond the assessed length of life. This is all made possible by predicting and prescriptive analytics of data science. In other words a tool in the hands of the Oncologist to take data-driven decision to cross validate prescribed treatment plan.

The product strategy is to cover as many as eight cancer types before its launch.

There are two facets of this unique product:

  • 1: It takes prognostic factors as inputs to compute the survival rate of the patient depending on stage of the type of cancer called ‘Carcinomas’. The product use carcinoma cancer data type to determine the survival rate of the patient. This is part of the descriptive analytics
  • 2: Once the survival rate has been computed and displayed the Oncologist can use the product to do different permutation and combination of his/her treatment plans to extend the survival chances beyond the patient current state. This is predictive analytics.

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