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About Us

Who we are?

…… a group of highly motivated professionals passionate about pushing our creative thoughts that quality health and medical care are available, accessible and affordable to every member of the society at large. An imagination that has been driving us to try, test and learn to generate new insights from innovations without fear of failure. And we keep on pursuing our mission till the time it is visible to us that true value proposition has been delivered with utmost accuracy and precision.

We make sure when approaching challenges that we understand the problem at hand, apply our knowledge & expertise so much so that the end-users of our product and services get impetus to grow with their strategic objectives. And in consequence we continue to grow.

We believe imaginations lead to innovations.

What we do?

…… explore, collect and perform insightful analysis of broad spectrum of data related mainly to health and medical care to find out better options to deliver meaningful service to the end-users of our product and services. Although we are primarily focused building products and rendering services in Healthcare analytics domain, we do take up challenges in Customers and Supply Chain practices offerings digital solutions on Big Data Hadoop platforms. We believe that technology is one of many tools that helps solving problems. Same is true when we apply Machine Learning (ML) and neural network techniques and more specifically leveraging deep learning techniques to solve most crucial issues about the patient care.

We are however candid in saying, we are continuing with sharpening our skills to enter areas of super specialty expertise and research specialization to come out with an innovative breakthrough. In our present work we apply advanced ML techniques, extreme programming to produce quality solutions in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace.

Our policy is to make optimum use of open source software to deliver analytical results in visually appealing, customer friendly Story lines that are easily comprehensible to our end-users in data-driven decision-making process.

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