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Analytics in Healthcare

Analytics in Healthcare

Health care providers are constantly engaged in never ending effort to improve the quality of healthcare services to its members and patients as cost effective as possible and healthcare benefit is reaching to all. Health care delivery organizations know what will work for each patient, make the right diagnosis as early as possible and then track and measure results to ensure the quality of care. Deriving substance from above statements, there are mainly three types of challenges that healthcare leaders face today – provide healthcare services to as many, at a lesser cost thorough cost optimization, and enhancing and maintaining quality care.

Growing realization has been to not to restrict IT any more in back office automation but to leverage its potential to deliver high quality healthcare service by exchanging of healthcare records and leveraging generated transactional data and emanating from various clinical systems.

Healthcare analytics is perceived as a tool to:

  • Reduce cost of service
  • Improve efficiency in service dissemination thereby saving cost
  • Improved patient diagnosis and clinical treatment

Healthcare leaders of today grappling with avalanche of data seemed to be growing exponentially as paper records moving to online with a range of data types and complexity posing big task. Everything from text notes written by medical professionals to real-time individual patient readings must be integrated and analyzed to present a coherent picture. The real challenge is how to transform volume to value in terms of revenue. While data volume and technology creates an opportunity for earlier diagnosis for effective treatments, there are challenges to face in turning all these data into actionable recommendations.

altraSys’s team of associates work on the opportunities to help Healthcare organization in the areas but not limited to

  • a. Creating a single view of a patient
  • b. Improve treatments
  • c. Early intervention especially prevention
  • d. Predict high-risk patients for ACO (Accountable care organization) and hospitals
  • e. Leverage advanced analytics to reduce hospital readmissions
  • f. Revenue cycle management, resource utilization, fraud and abuse prevention, population health management, and quality improvement

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